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Leo W. Seal Family Business Complex

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Project Details

Project Name:Leo W. Seal Family Business Complex
Project Scope:Curtainwall, Storefront, Glass, and Glazing.
Completion Time:15 Months
Safety Information:0 OSHA Recordable / Lost Incidents

Project Summary

The Leo W. Seal Family Business Complex is a 52,000 square foot addition to the former McCool Hall. The Leo W. Seal Family Business Complex incorporates Vistawall storefront and customized curtain wall in a bone white finish. The Business Complex building gives a new look to standard institutional facilities. The center of the building is a complete oval with a splayed curtain wall running all of the way up the front. This allows for a well illuminated common area that goes three floors up. This also provides an energy efficient establishment as the large curtain wall allows a great deal of natural sunlight in. From the common area there is a prominent view of the historic buildings that surround the Business Complex. The gray tinted glass for this project was provided by Wholesale Glass Distributors of Memphis, TN. This gray glass is an excellent color match with the white framing that surrounds it. Thanks to everyone involved, this project was completed on time and within the budget.